Story and photos by Kristin Schaeffer

Casper is no stranger to the Keyhole businesses: Keyhole Technologies and Keyhole Outdoor Living. There’s a new Keyhole business in the works now that won’t bear the name, but will benefit from the knowhow of longtime Keyhole business owners.

Uncorked, currently operating in the Keyhole building, is starting slowly and adding new features all the time. Already in place in the business is a wine tasting room that, unless you’ve traveled in Italy much, you’ve probably never seen the likes of.

At Uncorked they’ve got a machine unlike any other in Casper; a Wineemotion Self Serving Wine machine that allows guests to help themselves to the wine offered on ‘tap’ for a small fee which can be paid right on the machine with a credit card.

Usually once a bottle of wine has been opened, the oxidation process begins which rapidly decreases the quality of wine. Oxidation dictates that a bottle must be drunk within two or three days if the drinker wants to enjoy the true taste of the wine in each glass. The Wineemotion machine, however, consists of a climate controlled, self contained cabinet that taps each wine bottle, uses inert gas to preserve wine against oxidation, and can safely keep wine fresh for up to 45 days. It serves the wine at the perfect temperature every time and ensures cleanliness of the bottles.

Uncorked boasts a variety of unique offerings in Casper in addition to their wine machine. They specialize in hard to find, specialty wines and specialty alcohol under their full liquor license.

“If you can’t find it, we can,” said Dawn Cundy-Hogue, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Uncorked, and wine enthusiast.

Cundy-Hogue has done extensive research into unique wines, and has built business relationships with vendors around the world. She loves a good challenge.

So if, by some chance, you come in and don’t find what you’re looking for, we would love the opportunity to chase it down for you, she said.

Are you looking to expand your palette when it comes to wine, but don’t really know what you’re looking for? Ask Dawn. She guarantees that she has personally tasted each wine in their shop, and it’s a big selection. She can tell you about each one and will point you in the right direction.

Uncorked also offers a gift basket service. You choose the wine and gifts and they will put it together for you and even deliver it.

Drive out to Mills and give Uncorked a try, said Cundy-Hogue. You won’t be disappointed.

Kristin Schaeffer