Story and photos by Kristin Schaeffer

Outside the wide street hums with the occasionally passing vehicle, and as is typical in our area of the country, the wind alternates between roaring and a touch more than breezy. On approach the Higgins Hotel looms large. Crisp white siding with green trim, oversized windows, and a clean, green awning, greet the guest.

The door, sporting ‘Paisley Shawl’ spelled out in intricate stained glass, might just be a true portal to the past, because inside it is as close to 1916 as the passing of one hundred years can allow.

It is the charm and history of the old building that attracted the Higgins’s new-ish owners, Glenrock Mayor Doug Frank and his wife Maribel.

“It’s just adorable,” Maribel said. “You could tell it had charm. Even now when you walk in, there are so many things we still have to do, but there’s charm to it. It’s just pretty.”

The Franks identify with the stories they’ve been told of the hotel financiers Jack and Josephine Higgins and their original vision for a grand, European-style hotel in the Wild West.

According to Doug Jack was . . .

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Kristin Schaeffer