Scarlows Gallery opens their new Spice of Life exhibit tonight, Thursday, Oct. 6, during the Casper Art Walk. The show is a mix of many local artists to include: Eric and Laura Distad, Linda Ryan, Nancy Madura, Nancy Stroh, Seth Ramsey, Jamie Lacore, Bill Anderson, Jeremy Jones, Karen Hennick, Jim Kopp, Katie Christensen, Eric and Maria Wimmer, Amber Batista, Mike Olson, Phil Smith, Mandy Henebry, Cynthia Harrison, Ona Meyer, Kyle Tweedy, Chris Amend, Justin Hayward, Carole Glenn, Dandee Pattee, Barbara Kuxhausen, Alicia Blevins, Josh Vogt, Trisha Miller, Gabby Reeves, Michael Flicek, Josh Vogt and Suzette McIntyre, and will feature a wide range of mediums.

Among the artists’ work you’ll see in Scarlows during the Spice of Life show is illustrator Zak Pullen. His illustrations have graced the pages of children’s books, magazines, ad campaigns and newspapers for more than 20 years, he said.

His part of the show is now scheduled to be an ongoing exhibit at Scarlows.

“We will always house at least one original painting, rotating if necessary,” said Claire Marlow, Scarlows Gallery Owner. “The sketches will rotate either with seasons, gallery themes or as things sell.”

A show dedicated to Pullen’s work is scheduled to debut in 2018 at Scarlows, but Marlow really wanted to have his work in her gallery before then, she said. The two put their heads together and came up with an idea for selling his daily sketches at a price that makes it possible for most anyone to own a Zak Pullen original.

Seeing Pullen’s sketch portfolio up close and personal at Scarlows is a unique opportunity.

“These drawings are hardly ever seen in this format,” said Pullen. Marlow felt the sketches should be made available to the public.

“To me, they are more personal than one of his paintings, and as much as I love his oils, the sketches are a moment of his without outside influence and the pressures of perfection,” she said. “They’re the artist at his raw, authentic self.”

Pullen’s sketches will be priced from $150 to $350 unframed. Look for them in the black artist portfolio in the gallery. Goedicke’s offers framing so customers can have their newly purchased, Zak Pullen original sketch custom framed in-house.

The Spice of Life show will hang from October through January at Scarlows. Check it out tonight during the Art Walk!

Kristin Schaeffer