Two weeks after the polls closed and we’ve already reached that day when everyone stuffs their face and feels appreciative only to get up the next day, overspend, overeat again and then complain until Cyber Monday. 

Maybe we should rename it Consumergiving rather than Thanksgiving. It seems like the original intention is always a tad awkward and mildly inappropriate (to this Brit at least) and all it seems to be about these days is spending money anyway. Spending money on food, on decorations, on outfits, on Christmas presents, on more food and on a lot of things we don’t need, don’t really want and buy simply because it is so ingrained in us to do so. Speaking of which, what about this presidential election? Things have gotten a little nutty. One could almost say out of control. Have you heard California’s thinking of seceding?

People are not happy in the freest nation on earth. Ahem. Protests abound. Scary right wing speeches with people making Nazi signs while chanting “Trump” circulate online. I wish there were more people trying to move forward with sober skepticism rather than volatile anger. It doesn’t seem to be doing much good except perhaps inciting violence on the streets between opposing ideologies, in the same nation. If that were on another continent, wouldn’t we call it the first stirrings of civil war? I guess this Turkey Day I’m thankful I feel a little less crazy than the rest of the country. And here we are celebrating the first stirrings of this liberated from the crown, free to think and believe as we wish, nation. Tsk tsk.

Often I find myself blinking twice but in the end…yep, still Switzerland.  But it certainly is a bit of brother against brother out there. The unexpected won the election and their agenda scares a lot of people. I think I would be writing the same if Clinton had got in. But she didn’t and that says a lot. What folks think that means is vast and varied. But my goodness you need to gather your facts, make sure you know your agenda and get serious. This cyber fighting is ridiculous and the protests lack any sense of focus. I can put a safety pin on my profile pic and make a sign reading “not my president” but it doesn’t really change anything does it?

The American people need to be grateful they live in America, however unstable her structure may feel right now. But the infighting is doing nobody any good. Tearing everybody apart keeps the people weak and the government strong. Gosh you’d think someone had almost planned it. Folks need to start working together to make the system work. You know, like the pilgrims and the natives did before everything started to go terribly wrong. Wouldn’t it be great if people learned from their history, stopped calling these times so unprecedented and took a moment to better understand the very character of this nation? Perhaps then they would realize ‘We the People’ is supposed to mean so much more than they tell you. Stop fighting each other for their hype.

The Reality Show star is a businessman and he knows how to market: stop reacting to that. He sold the brand, but can he actually manufacture the product? We don’t know yet. This long weekend for many means extra time to sit and think about what’s important.  As people press so hard for their individual ideals, they forget they are being purposefully divided. A divided nation cannot stand. Look at this country. Everyone seems so intent right now on finding ways to pull it apart. How is that exemplifying the American character?

I always say I don’t understand Thanksgiving. As a Brit I think it odd to celebrate the one small awesome act in a sea of downright despicable acts to the point of making it a national holiday. Then I remember what national holidays are: chances to express the character of a country, to illustrate what makes it so. Thanksgiving reminds us that a long time ago we were divided and needed help. We came together with the natives to find ways to live together maybe not in each other’s pockets but side by side, holding on to similar ideals of independence and freedom. You know, until that whole ‘hey I’ll trade you Northern Montana for a dozen small pox infested blankets’ thing went down and well, you know the rest. We celebrate reaching out, giving each other a chance despite our differences.

You know, being all American and stuff.

That’s why we celebrate a feast of friends that took place a couple of centuries back. It marked a coming together of the people. The government had nothing to do with it. The people worked out their differences and got on with the business of learning to live side by side. What a tiny awesome moment in American history. I’m so grateful somebody wrote it down. 

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Trish Popovitch