Dalene and Mike Lockhart started Toy Town in 1985 when they realized there just wasn’t a good enough selection of toys available in Casper.

“We had been traveling,” said Lockhart. “Not far, but we saw a lot of little toys that we couldn’t get in this town. So I researched it and when I got laid off from my other job, we started the store.”

It was important to Lockhart to be able to provide her own child with good variety of toys, so she wanted to be able to provide them for other families too. Toy Town’s philosophy, Good toys are child powered and child activated, is a motivator behind the types of toys the Lockharts bring into the store.

“I buy the toys because of what I can see children doing with them, how much fun it should be, or what kind of learning experience it could be,” she said. “The process to play is to learn, and sometimes that’s what people forget, that play is actually learning. Maybe not learning your ABCs, but still learning important skills.”

According to Lockhart toys are the tools that children use in their early learning endeavors.

“I’m passionate about how that works for a child,” she said. “Baby toys make a difference because that’s where their development is. We need to get things that help with their motor skills, so they can learn while having fun.”

Lockhart also believes that playing is a very important part of growing up for a child.

“Even when it’s a Barbie” she said. “It’s not bad for a 10 year-old to pretend with a Barbie that she’s going on a date because she’s trying on different behaviors. She can figure out whether they’re good or bad through play.”

Colorful dinosaur figurines at Toy Town

Toy Town has toys for every age, from zero to 102, according to Lockhart, and while they cater to children mostly, there are things to choose from for the adult in your life as well. The store carries jigsaw puzzles, collector’s items, more than 500 games and much more. There are even things to help with motor skills for adults who have suffered strokes or are going through other types of Therapy.

“A lot of therapists come in and get things for adults,” said Lockhart.

Even though Lockhart’s children have since grown, she enjoys getting to see the children that come in over the years, and soon she will have a new child in her own family to shower with ToyTown toys.

“We’re expecting our first grandchild in December!” she beamed.

Keep up with what’s going on at Toy Town on their facebook page, and be sure to visit them downtown at 130 S. Wolcott, Casper, WY 82601 to find unique gifts for Christmas!

Kristin Schaeffer