When groups of martial arts, weapon, and self defense method enthusiasts get together things start happening. These personality types seem to be the type that initiate change and get things done, so it should be no surprise that many of the folks that make up Liberty Training Group and its partners are movers and shakers in our community.

Liberty Training Group and its sister companies began because of a hole that Cavalier and friends recognized in the qualifications of daily weapon carriers they knew.

“People would ask to work with us as friends and family or we would be talking with them and find out that there are individuals that decide to carry a weapon everyday who have zero practical skills as to how to use it,” said Cavalier. “That was not the minority of the people we worked and talked with, that was the majority. There are a myriad of reason as to why, but the very simple solution to fix this situation is to train right and train often.”

Any type of training often requires tools but finding quality training gear for Cavalier’s team locally has proven difficult in the past. Liberty Training Group decided starting an outfitting company for the kind of gear they use for tactical training would not only benefit them, but also their customers.

We noticed a lack of quality, tested gear available to the general public, said Cavalier. There are a lot of options out there, but not a lot of people have the knowledge of the gear it takes to know the correct gear for them and order it right the first time. We wanted to acquire things that we know work well and last a long time, so we built manufacturer direct resale relationships with our vendors and now carry gear not generally available in Wyoming.

According to Cavalier the training products they carry: ammunition, First Aid and trauma supplies and kits, knives and edged weapons, ballistic armor and shielding, as well as other relevant gear, and it’s all directly related to the classes they teach. The training group felt the training services and gear sales went hand in hand.

“We offer classes for: Entry Level to Advanced Concealed Carry Tactics, Basic to Advanced First Aid and Trauma Care, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Defensive shotgun, carbine, and pistol, as well as traditional martial arts and un-armed Combatives and self defense,” said Cavalier.

As with their products, their mission drives everything Liberty Training Group offers.

A Liberty Training Group client fires a pistol during outdoor range training.“We wanted to build a stronger community through superior and relevant training and resources,” said Cavalier. “Instead of a set of partners learning as much as they can about multiple areas that we can sell training for, we sought out training partners. We networked some of the best private trainers Casper has to offer and allow them to do what they do best: train others.”

Not just any trainers would do, however. The partners really focus on having the best of the best of everything to offer their clientele.

“As an organization, we have set up some vital accountability factors,” said Cavalier.

We want to ensure what we are teaching is relevant and superior, he said. That means we have our classes reviewed by two different individuals that are at the peak of authority in each area of training. By doing this we ensure that our curriculum are up to date and properly presented.

The types of training you’ll find at Liberty Training Group customers won’t find anywhere else.

“Our training is very unique to us,” said Cavalier. “Our three top programs are: Citizen Carry, HOW (House Of Worship) Training, and the Rocky Mountain Centinel Program.

Citizen Carry is a program we designed in house for individuals who carry a weapon everyday. We took tactics that are normally specific to military and police and applied them correctly to the everyday armed citizen.

HOW Training is coursework designed for churches and their usher and security teams. It address issues that are arising, as well as the ones that have always been present, around violence and attacks on churches.

The final is the Rocky Mountain Centinel Program. This program is not fully launched, with plans on completion and roll out in the first quarter of 2017. It’s going to be a free course for groups, if they be: neighbors, church groups, families, or friends, we want to empower them with the ability to work defensively together. They will learn practical and realistic tactics and techniques that will improve their chances at survival in abnormal societal circumstances that could result in situations where your “tribe” is who you have to depend on whether very temporary or more permanent.”

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Kristin Schaeffer